30 August 2007

Here at last......

Well I have finally got round to setting up the blog site for my new business, a little scary but its all go now.

A little info about myself so here goes.

As the title says, my name is Mike Patterson and I live in a small village called Oranmore just South of Galway. Maire and I were married in September 2005, I don't smoke, I don't drink a lot and don't have any pets anymore, even though I sometimes wish I still do as I miss Wonky a lot. Brown hair, blue eyes .....

Blimey, this sounds like a dating profile (not that I would know of course)!!!

I became a full time photographer a few months back after deciding it was time for me to get more involved with something I really love and enjoy. So now the fun begins.

So why have a blog?? Well it is really a way of me keeping everyone updated of the latest developments and ongoings as and when they happen. It will give you an idea of the quality of work I provide and generally give an insight into this photographers world.

Please visit often and leave comments too as it shows that I am doing things right.