23 April 2008

Trash the Dress

I hate the term "Trash the Dress" as it really gives the impression that the session is about ruining your dress for the sake of some unusual pictures. It clearly isn't about that but more about having a set of images that are done after the big day and it also gives you the opportunity to wear your dress again. I would also like to add that I seen some great work where it is both bride and groom, so come on guys, why not give it a go...

There were articles written in the New York Daily News and also in the New York Times recently about this phenomenon which is very popular in countries including USA, Australia and in the UK too. It would seem the brides of today are also a little more adventurous and this would explain the recent examples of this trend here in Ireland. I think that is more down to brides seeing shots posted on-line whilst doing research and planning for their own weddings.

I am sure there are a few brides out there that would like to try it and we have some great locations in this country. If you are up for a fun session then please get in touch with me at info(at)mikepatterson(dot)com.

20 April 2008

Carrie & Gerard - Engagement Pics

After many weeks of emailing back and forth, I finally had the pleasure of meeting with Carrie and Gerard for an engagement shoot in Dublin.

I had originally planned to allow about 2 hrs for the session based on our various discussions. That was a great idea at the time but as the day went on and as we were all enjoying it so much it was somewhat disregarded. We had also planned to go to certain locations but somehow in the end we just did our own thing and it worked a real treat.

I can't thank you both enough for the amazing time. For being such great sports when I asked you, whether it be to either stand somewhere, sit here, sit there, put hands there, adopt a certain pose and be all sloppy - lets be honest, that last bit wasn't very difficult either hahahaha.

Oh, I can't wait to try that Italian wine you kept going on about too.


Some people who know me will know that my biggest vice is paintball. I have been playing for almost 19 years now and have had some major exciting times with it over the years ranging from doing it as fun to taking it a whole lot more serious and eventually doing it every weekend . The sport has become so successful it has taken me to places like Barcelona, Toulouse, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Oregon, London and Euro Disney Paris to name but a few.

Like everyone who tried it for the first time it was in the woods pretending to be Rambo and plotting to ruin the other sides chances of success. I went back and enjoyed it even more than the first time - I was gloriously hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paintball as a game has evolved so much in the last few years and has moved from the woods to areas that are much more spectator friendly. One of the gripes in the past was when you played in the woods you just couldn't see what was going on the other side of the field if that was where the action was. Woods ball is still a major part of the game of today and I think it will be with us for some time. I mean it's just too much fun romping around in the dirt.

Some of the significant changes in the game include the the equipment used. Everything is becoming so much more lighter, faster, easier to operate. Just imagine the markers (guns) being able to shoot as quick as your finger can pull the trigger. The markers themselves are more than capable of going a high as 32 balls per second - now that's fast!!!

So, how has it changed I hear from the back?? I have got some YouTube videos below showing what I mean as I believe its easier for you to see for yourself - enjoy!!!