30 September 2008

Matthias & Kerstin

I was contacted recently to do a portrait session with a couple from Germany. This was the 4th time they had visited Ireland over a 15 year period and it was to be a pretty special trip for them both, more on that later.

One of the requirements was to find somewhere that was romantic and we all know that we are not short of a place or five here in the west of Ireland. The other reason for this request was that Kerstin did not know anything about the portrait session as it was a surprise present for their 25th wedding anniversary they had celebrated just before coming to Ireland.

Here are a selection of images taken.

Now this last one is really special to me especially in light of what Matthias & Kerstin did after the session. The last shot of the day was taken on the bridge as you can see below.

However a little while after these were done I had a surprise email from them both with a couple of photo's attached. As part of their wedding anniversary celebrations, they had a party with family and had the images printed to show everyone their fantastic time here in Ireland. One of the images taken at the party was them holding one of the shots and you can see the result in the last image shown.

I just hope that my wife and I will be in love as much are you are after 25 years of marriage!!! More images are on my web site - www.mikepatterson.com

29 September 2008

Car Park shoot

I am a member of Galway Camera Club and a shoot was arranged in an underground car park here in Galway. The idea of the session was to get people used to and being more confident using using off camera flash. Some of the members that turned up were very new to photography and using flash, so basic schooling was given showing how things work and what can be done by changing various settings. Everyone was let loose and had a go at working with Nicola and Carl using either standard camera flash on stands with umbrellas or using proper studio lighting too which was great fun.

Here are a small selection of images taken during the couple of hours we were there:

These two are using natural light only.

Here is one of my shots using off camera flash.

Thanks to Sean for organising and bringing the various kit for everyone to use. Also a huge thanks to Nicola and Carl for braving the cold too - great sports!!

There are other images contained within the portrait section on my web site that are using similar techniques. Go on, you know you want to go and have a look - www.mikepatterson.com

23 September 2008

Oscar Ball

Galway was fortunate to have its own Oscar night recently but with a twist. It was a Make A Wish Foundation charity fundraiser here at the Clayton hotel owned by John Glynn.

I was there to help cover some of the guests with the help of these two old timers who proved to be a real treat and a laugh too. I have no idea how they did the twist the fork trick but it really got everyone wanting to know its secret. I think the best one was the two teaspoons trick, which was hilarious watching when people were rubbing the spoons on their chest trying to generate enough static - yeah right, if that was ever going to work!! lol

There were lots of people here willing to dig into their already deep pockets and provide some help and assistance to a worthy charity so well done everyone who took part. There were also some excellent prizes to be won including a childrens quad bike and protective gear, massive LCD TV, paintings and trips to various amazing hotels in and around Ireland.

For those who were there and want access to see the images via www.mikepatterson.com, please email me directly to mike[at]mikepatterson[dot]com to get the password.

Here are a small selection of images taken on the night.

21 September 2008

Maternity SHoot

As my business is growing, I am looking to offer maternity shoots as part of my portfolio of services.

I am looking for volunteer's to try various ideas with and have a specific look in mind for these shots. However,I am always open to suggestions so you can have your creative input too. The shoot will be free and you will be given images in exchange for your time.

Ideally I would like someone who is

*1+ month pregnant
*5+ months pregnant.

Please email me at info[at]mikepatterson[dot]com for more information and if possible please include a photo.