28 November 2007

Something from the weekend

If every portrait session was like this, I would be such a happy bunny. I have never met such an amazing family and all the kids were just brilliant. The day started around 10.30-11:00am and finished around 3.30pm and then having to get back to show the images at 8pm. What a long day, but it was sooooooo much fun!!

The nice part was that not once did anyone complain especially as the day was a typical winter's day. The the images from the day are so varied, ranging from railway crossing/tracks (where I nearly electrocuted myself but thats another story), forest and beach to name but a few.

Thanks again Zoe!! ;-)))))

22 November 2007

What to do on a cold winters evening??

I had the pleasure of taking my first kiddy pictures a few days back - thanks for helping Anne!!

Now keeping in mind its winter, it's also fairly late in the day as it was raining all morning, it's cold and I am at the mercy of two little girls. I was trying to remember all these wonderful secrets I had read by other photographers as to keep them amused and to get them to pose. Well that all went out the window on the day. With it being so cold, it wasn't easy to keep them amused long enough to get the shots needed but hey I don't think I did too bad in the end.

03 November 2007

Belfast Fasion Week 2007

I was very fortunate to be allowed to take some shots at the 2007 Belfast Fashion Week show which took place in the The Baby Grand at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

In its 3rd year now and definitely making a statement as each year goes on with it fashion ideas made are made available to the general public. In total, 11 models are used over the 3 days the show goes on for with the support of institutions like Toni & Guy Bobby Brown to help.

A small selection of images taken at the event which was great fun (from a photographers point of view of course)!!!

Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007
Belfast Fashion Week 2007 Belfast Fashion Week 2007

A few more other shots are available at my Flickr site

31 October 2007

House is gone........

I am a little saddened today as the house I thought we had bought is no longer to be. We decided to pull out of the purchase after having seeing the report done by an independent surveyor.

Sooooo, it starts again. All the driving around looking at all the various properties to see which one is for us. Hopefully the painstaking comparison of places, you know the one - which one had the better fireplace or had more/bigger bedrooms, which one had gas or oil central heating, the list is endless. Lets hope it wont take as long again (fingers crossed)!!

22 October 2007

Dawn & Peter

I was really excited about this wedding for a number of reasons. One of them being Dawn, the bride to be, was wearing a red dress. Now I know I am easily pleased but this was a first for me with a bride not wearing the traditional colours, so bear with me whilst I try to control myself.

The ceremony and reception took place at the fantastic Offley Place Country House Hotel in Hitchin. To be honest, the Offley web site does not do the place justice at all and you would be spellbound by its old charm when there. It's the kind of place that you can not but like. Ok, so do you really want to know why I took such a shine to the place?? I know this is going to sound crazy but it was for the staircase. I have seen some amazing pictures of brides where a grand old staircase was used and I really wanted to try and capture that amazing sense of grandeur from it.

Enough of my waffling for now and check out the images below. Please don't forget to leave comments too.


Red dress images will be here soon!!!

"Where's the Red Dress wedding pictures??" I keep hearing.

I am working on them again as I decided to change the images I wanted to post. They will be up pretty soon, honest guv'nor!!!!

18 October 2007


Recently, I was able to grab some time with Michelle, a good friend of mine along with her daughter Nicola. We went to a park area close to where I live that has a castle with a kids play area, stacks of fields as well as a wooded area. Everyone uses this place to go walking, strolling or taking the dog out and now and then someone on a bike too. I would probably say it was more a case of the dog taking the owner(s) for the walk. I shall miss coming to this idyllic little spot when I move in the near future (more about that later).

I wanted to try something different and I have to say I had a great day. Nicola is a real poser and has no trouble putting hands and legs wherever was asked - very professional considering she has never done anything like this before!!!! Up until that session, I had never worked with children either so it was truly refreshing from that point of view.

The other highlight of the day was having Galway's only "Lion Dog" running around and chewing my reflectors, my ear and anything else he could get his razor teeth on.

One of my favourite shots of the day where Nicola is looking like a real young Puff Daddy, veeeerry cool!!

16 October 2007

Grainne & Ian's wedding

5 October 2007 will be a date for me to remember for a long time as it was my first wedding in Ireland and boy, what a fantastic venue. After a 4 hour drive from Galway, I did get a little lost but I made it with loads of time to spare.

Here are a selection of shots from Grainne & Ian's wedding that took place at the Faithlegg House Hotel & Golf Club in Waterford on . Such a great location and I could not believe how well the grounds are kept - amazing!! The only other golf club I have played at that was more impressive was the K-Club near Dublin. Keeping in mind the European Ryder Cup was held there this year, that should give you an idea as to how well it was kept.

The weather was fabulous and I was soooo hot in my two piece suit, so can you imagine how the groom and the bestman felt in the 3 piece glad rags!! Grainne looked stunning as did the bridesmaid.

15 October 2007

Maxine & Banny's wedding

I was fortunate to be involved with Maxine & Banny's wedding in Southport, UK on 8 September 2007. The wedding itself took place at the All Saints church in Rainford with the reception taking place at the Houghwood Golf Club. Oh and did I say it was my first ever wedding as a shooter of any sort!!!!!

One of the funniest moments was having to part the two weddings cars due to a slight mishap. The 2nd car (the one behind) got caught up in the bumper of the 1st car. Now, I know the photographers are there to help but me standing on the front bumper whilst Rob, Zoe's husband, was lifting the other to unhook them must have been a sight indeed. Thankfully there wasnt anyone there with a video camera.

Here are a few shots of the great couple. I kept saying during the day that Maxine looked so much like Grace Kelly, amazing likeness!!!

30 August 2007

Here at last......

Well I have finally got round to setting up the blog site for my new business, a little scary but its all go now.

A little info about myself so here goes.

As the title says, my name is Mike Patterson and I live in a small village called Oranmore just South of Galway. Maire and I were married in September 2005, I don't smoke, I don't drink a lot and don't have any pets anymore, even though I sometimes wish I still do as I miss Wonky a lot. Brown hair, blue eyes .....

Blimey, this sounds like a dating profile (not that I would know of course)!!!

I became a full time photographer a few months back after deciding it was time for me to get more involved with something I really love and enjoy. So now the fun begins.

So why have a blog?? Well it is really a way of me keeping everyone updated of the latest developments and ongoings as and when they happen. It will give you an idea of the quality of work I provide and generally give an insight into this photographers world.

Please visit often and leave comments too as it shows that I am doing things right.