15 October 2007

Maxine & Banny's wedding

I was fortunate to be involved with Maxine & Banny's wedding in Southport, UK on 8 September 2007. The wedding itself took place at the All Saints church in Rainford with the reception taking place at the Houghwood Golf Club. Oh and did I say it was my first ever wedding as a shooter of any sort!!!!!

One of the funniest moments was having to part the two weddings cars due to a slight mishap. The 2nd car (the one behind) got caught up in the bumper of the 1st car. Now, I know the photographers are there to help but me standing on the front bumper whilst Rob, Zoe's husband, was lifting the other to unhook them must have been a sight indeed. Thankfully there wasnt anyone there with a video camera.

Here are a few shots of the great couple. I kept saying during the day that Maxine looked so much like Grace Kelly, amazing likeness!!!

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