31 October 2007

House is gone........

I am a little saddened today as the house I thought we had bought is no longer to be. We decided to pull out of the purchase after having seeing the report done by an independent surveyor.

Sooooo, it starts again. All the driving around looking at all the various properties to see which one is for us. Hopefully the painstaking comparison of places, you know the one - which one had the better fireplace or had more/bigger bedrooms, which one had gas or oil central heating, the list is endless. Lets hope it wont take as long again (fingers crossed)!!


Sofie said...

Sorry to hear about the house falling through. It sounded just perfect too! Hope you find another property that's even nicer :)

Mike Patterson said...

Thanks Sofie, it wasn't an easy decision but it was one we had to make.

And the next house will be even better, I (we) can guarantee it!!!

Bobbi said...

any luck with the house hunting yet?
we've finalised our plans pretty much and hope to speak with and engineer regarding planning permission this week :)

Mike Patterson said...

Hey Bobbi,

Not looked much recently to be honest as other things to be doing that is taking priority.

I know once the weather gets better (yeah right!!) we will start the search again.

Glad to hear all is going well your side and I hope you dont have any issies on the planning side.

Gary & Rob said...

That is another nice mess they had gotten you into Mike.

Great meeting you at the Make A Wish fundraising night in Galway.

If you ever need anyone to knock down your house give us both a ring as we have experiance in it.

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