29 August 2009


I was recently made aware that I was one of 21 people across Ireland asked to attend the Mondello Park Photowalk that is taking place on the 6th September this year.

I feel very fortunate and honoured to have been picked but had better start practising the various techniques required to get some nice shots.

It is a unique opportunity to get access to a lot of areas that are not normally made available to the general public and to do something I enjoy. The other unique twist to this is that this will be a day off for me from the usual weekend shenanigans and it means taking pictures for personal enjoyment which is something I have been lacking of late.

23 August 2009

Volvo Ocean Race exhibition

As I am out the country, I was fortunate to have some pictures taken of my print at the Exhibition I spoke about earlier.

Thanks to Aafke Bakker & Nico Den Heeten for taking and sending across the pictures for me to post.

19 August 2009

Continuing the Volvo Ocean Race Festival theme ...

As I indicated in the post below, I have one image selected for the free exhibition being held in Galway this weekend.

However, I wanted to provide a couple, ok more than a couple then, of images I took at the event which I really like and would want to share them with you. The rest of the set which contains well over 100 images can be found here - Enjoy!!

In the shot below you can just make me out. I am under the letters o and n.


This is the view from one of the apartments facing the main stage.


Got to have the Green Dragon boat in amongst these shots somewhere lol


We were also very lucky with the weather during the event with some amazing sunny days and a few drops of rain just to remind everyone of the typical Irish weather system we have here.



Aslan - VOR-1305

The Stunning:

The Stunning - VOR-1328

Lucia Evans:


General Band whatnots:



VOR-1206 VOR-1221

17 August 2009

FREE Exhibition from LookWest.ie & Pix.ie Volvo Ocean Race Festival Photo Competition

Today I was fortunate to be asked if one of the images I took during the recent Volvo Ocean Race stopover here in Galway could be used for an exhibition that is being held here in Galway. I obviously said yes as it was such a monumental event which I thoroughly enjoyed being part of.

In a nutshell, over 10,000 images were uploaded and of those 100 were chosen to be represented in the exhibition.

The image in question is this one:-


The exhibition will take place this weekend in Galway (21-23 August) and is free to anyone who wants to see them.

Details can be found here

12 August 2009

New Blog

The new blog is slowly taking shape and will still be a while before it comes online as I want to ensure it has been tweaked to my liking. I will in the meantime still continue to add bits and pieces here.

29 July 2009

A tad outdated

I have been sooo bad of late with the blog and there is no excuse for it, it is me just being plain lazy.

So, I am back and will be posting a lot more images to get everyone's juices flowing again lol

The plan is also to convert this to another format that is a lot more pleasing to the eye so watch this space, it has been a long time coming....