29 August 2009


I was recently made aware that I was one of 21 people across Ireland asked to attend the Mondello Park Photowalk that is taking place on the 6th September this year.

I feel very fortunate and honoured to have been picked but had better start practising the various techniques required to get some nice shots.

It is a unique opportunity to get access to a lot of areas that are not normally made available to the general public and to do something I enjoy. The other unique twist to this is that this will be a day off for me from the usual weekend shenanigans and it means taking pictures for personal enjoyment which is something I have been lacking of late.


Mark said...

Good blog, and great wedding images Mike! Not sure I agree with the Mondello thing, clearly it's a case of Mondello looking to get images to use for free.

Mike Patterson said...

Couldnt agree more Mark. But then this was a win-win situation in that I was allowed access to something I have never done before and always wanted to have a go at.