18 October 2007


Recently, I was able to grab some time with Michelle, a good friend of mine along with her daughter Nicola. We went to a park area close to where I live that has a castle with a kids play area, stacks of fields as well as a wooded area. Everyone uses this place to go walking, strolling or taking the dog out and now and then someone on a bike too. I would probably say it was more a case of the dog taking the owner(s) for the walk. I shall miss coming to this idyllic little spot when I move in the near future (more about that later).

I wanted to try something different and I have to say I had a great day. Nicola is a real poser and has no trouble putting hands and legs wherever was asked - very professional considering she has never done anything like this before!!!! Up until that session, I had never worked with children either so it was truly refreshing from that point of view.

The other highlight of the day was having Galway's only "Lion Dog" running around and chewing my reflectors, my ear and anything else he could get his razor teeth on.

One of my favourite shots of the day where Nicola is looking like a real young Puff Daddy, veeeerry cool!!


MIchelle said...

I know they both had a great time too. So did I to be honest. :D
The shots are so amazing. I really love them. Thank you so much. :)

Mike Patterson said...

Its a pleasure Michelle.

Cant wait to do some others at another location!!

lette said...

HOI MIKE :) very impressed by your site :) and these pics are fab of nica :) I especially love the last one and the one of her at the wall :) very beautiful :)