20 April 2008

Carrie & Gerard - Engagement Pics

After many weeks of emailing back and forth, I finally had the pleasure of meeting with Carrie and Gerard for an engagement shoot in Dublin.

I had originally planned to allow about 2 hrs for the session based on our various discussions. That was a great idea at the time but as the day went on and as we were all enjoying it so much it was somewhat disregarded. We had also planned to go to certain locations but somehow in the end we just did our own thing and it worked a real treat.

I can't thank you both enough for the amazing time. For being such great sports when I asked you, whether it be to either stand somewhere, sit here, sit there, put hands there, adopt a certain pose and be all sloppy - lets be honest, that last bit wasn't very difficult either hahahaha.

Oh, I can't wait to try that Italian wine you kept going on about too.


Sofie said...

Love the feet shot & the one above it!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

What a gorgeous couple and beautiful locations!

The last is my favorite.