27 March 2008

Finally a new house to call home ...

It has been a few months in the making after the last attempt went cock-eyed. If you have not read the story on my blog, here is the link for you to get an idea of the pain felt at the time.

So after months and months of waiting and watching we found the right place at last - yipeeeeeee!!!! It was well worth hanging on as we managed to secure a decent enough place especially in light of the current market being what it was. It is much bigger than the last place but that was a conscious decision to go that route in light of the way the business is rapidly growing. At this rate I may end up with a proper office/studio combination - watch this space!!!

All in all, what a manic week with moving and also trying to get the web site live. So without sounding too boring, thanks again to everyone for bearing with me whilst most of the office was boxed.


Carrie said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!

Cabaal said...

this will keep you busy for awhile, fingers crossed you get a decent office together out of the hew place...I won't be so lucky :(

Mike Patterson said...

Hi Cabaal,

Office being put together as we speak. Just got to get the internet sorted out now and that will be a bit longer to fix.

Speak to you soon!!

Sofie said...

So pleased to hear you found a new house!!

ms.hoban said...

Hi Mike,

Can't wait until we can list you as International Photographer when you snap our wedding! Love the new pics and I miss visiting you in your "new" place!

Stephanie & Seamus